New label! Raw glandular hormones including mammary, uterus and ovary available without a prescription! The hormones in this formula perform basic biochemical and physiological changes in the female body including breast enlargement and softening of the skin. 60 tablet bottle.

Price: $30.00

Ultra-Fem Plus Pills

New label! Raw glandular hormones available without a prescription! Formulated to enhance the breasts and develop the milk glands. Contains all natural mammary concentrate and is water soluable. 100 tablet bottle.

Price: $30.00

Super Strength Mammary Pills

NEW 200 Count Bottle! Our world famous breast enlargement pills Super Strength Mammary are now available in a 200 count size! Not only do you receive our super strong mammary pills in a larger quantity, but you also save $10.00 when you buy this size! You get an over two month supply of pills (taking 3 pills a day) with this super sized bottle! Our customers have reported larger breasts, bigger nipples, more sensitivity in the nipples and more! Stock up on this all natural formula.

Code: SuperStrengthMammary200
Price: $50.00

Super Strength Mammary Pills
200 Count

New Feminizing Supplement Kit Only the purest raw glandulars go into our feminizing supplements. Enjot big savings on our new three pack of glandulars! You get a full size bottle of Ovary Plus, Super Raw Mammary and Super Raw Uterus in this set. Help tame testosterone and help enlarge breasts, soften skin, make nipples more sensitive and more. 100 count bottle of each glandular. Enough for two months!

Code: Mammary-Ovary-Uterus-Three-Pack-Pills
Price: $60.00

Three Pack Glandular Pills

This is the ultimate kit for helping you achieve femininity. You receive
one full size of the following hormonal pills and creams:
*Ova-Glan 120 count
*Ultra-Fem Plus 60 count
*Super Strength Mammary 100  count
*OvaryPlus 90 count
*Ultra Breast Enlargement Cream 4 oz.
This collection is provided at a great savings to you. There is enough product to last twom onths taking two pills per day of each. All of our supplements are an all natural mix of glandulars including ovary, mammary, pituitary and uterus (from bovine source) used to enhance and feminize your womanly
parts including: hips, breasts, thighs and more. We carry only the highest quality supplements to help you achieve maximum feminine results. Please note, that all pills and creams are sold as a supplement only, and we do not make claims as to their efficacy. Each person's body is different, but we have had many positive results and feedback from our clients. All of these products are made by a pharmaceutical company who uses only the purist ingredients that meet or exceed label requirements. The glandular used in our products are processed at low temperatures to preserve their natural constituents. The supplements contain no sugar, starch, salt, wheat, corn or soy derivatives and have no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.

Code: The-Ultimate-Feminine-Supplement-Pack
Price: $110.00

Ultimate Feminine Supplement Pack

The purest raw ovary glandulars to help tame testosterone and bring out a more feminine you. 165 mg of Raw Ovary glandular in every pill. 90

Code: Ovary-Plus
Price: $22.00

Ovary Plus

Save $4.00! Our world famous Ovary Plus capsules are now available in a two bottle pack! You get 180 capsules in all and save $4.00 over buying them separately. 165mg of pure ovary glandular concentrate in every capsule.

Code: Two-Pack Ovary-Plus
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Two Pack
Ovary Plus

Get a BIGGER, CURVIER butt naturally! We are proud to introduce a new product to our feminizing supplement line! By popular demand, we have now sourced a product that will assist you in creating curves! You do not need injections and surgery to create a fuller, more ample butt. Our new supplement, which is made of purely sourced Aguaje fruit, will help you achieve results you never thought possible. The Aguaje fruit is found in the Peruvian Amazon, and has been harvested for its phytoestrogen benefits. The reason why eating aguaje is a natural route to a bigger butt and an hourglass figure is mostly because the fruit is rich in phytoestrogens (plant-based estrogens). The fruit also contains oleic acids, which are beneficial to helping estrogen develop female sexual characteristics. By taking this supplement, you can find the natural curves you have wished for in the butt and even the breasts! Women in the Latin world have been using this powerful butt-creating fruit in capsule or powder form for decades, and now you can use the same all-natural product in our new supplement capsule! Our capsules have the strongest amount of Aguaje fruit concentrate possible, with nothing artificial. Get your bottle today and be on your way to a curvier, more female you! 100 capsules/500 mg. each.

Code: Curve-Booster-Max
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Curve Booster Max For A Bigger Butt Naturally

Larger, 100 Count Bottle! 100% Raw uterus gland pills. Help your feminization process with 100% pure uterus gland pills. Help increase your feminine hormones and decrease male hormones. Each pill has 200 mg. of pure uterus gland.

Code: Raw-Uterus-Pills
Price: $30.00

Raw Uterus Pills

New larger 100 count bottle! 100% Raw Mammary gland pills. Mammary glands is the scientific name for breasts. They are composed of the fatty tissue and are capable of producing milk. Take this supplement in it's purist form to help increase your breasts and nipples. 200 mg of freeze dried mammary glandular concentrate in each pill.
Code: Raw-Mammary-Pills
Price: $25.00

Raw Mammary Pills

Great feminizing supplements without a prescription! Ova-Glan Ultra-Strength Womens Glandular supplement is packed with all the feminine hormone producing ingredients to help you develop all aspects of your feminine self. Ovary, mammary, uterus, pituitary and many herbs go into this superior product. 60 tablets.
Price: $30.00

Ova-Glan Feminizing Glandular Concentrate

Great hormonal supplements without a prescription! Ova-Glan Ultra-Strength Womens Glandular supplement in the 120 tablet bottle. This is a two month supply. You save $10.00 off the price of two 60 count bottles!
Code: OVAGLAN120
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120 Tablet Pack

Great feminizing supplements without a prescription! You get three of our best selling feminizing supplements for one low price! In our three pack you will receive one bottle of Ultra-Fem Plus (60 tablets), one bottle of our Super-Strength Mammary (100 tablets) and our Ova-Glan feminizing pills (60 tablets) for a $15.00 savings over buying them separately! Enhance all your womanly parts with our top-quality supplements that use mammary, uterus, ovary and other powerful raw glandulars.
Code: Three-Pack-Pills-For-Crossdressers
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Feminizing Supplement Pill Three Pack

Get a great deal on our most popular breast enlargement supplements! You get our 100 count Super Strength Mammary pills and our Ultra breast
Enlargement Cream and save $5.00 over purchasing them separately!
Code: Breast-Enlargement-Duo
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Breast Enlargement Duo

Save $10.00 over buying these items separately! We now offer a trio of our breast enlargement products! You get three full sized products: 1 bottle of Super Strength Mammary, 1 jar of Ultra Breast Enlargement Cream and 1 bottle of Breast Enhancement Formula. Experience more voluptuous and feminine nipples and breasts with our exclusive products!
Code: Breast-Enlargement-Trio
Price: $63.00

Breast Enlargement Trio

New Supplement to help you have that feminine figure! Yes, this is the revolutionary weight loss pill endorsed by tv's Dr. Oz! It's Raspberry Ketone Lean, and it can help you achieve that girlish figure you sometimes can't get with girdles and corsets!Raspberry Ketone, derived from the raspberry, is responsible for the sweet smell of raspberries. This powerful formula combines Raspberry Ketone with anti-oxidant & fat burning ingredients such as African Mango, Acai, Resveratrol, Apple Cider Vinegar & Grapefruit! Each serving size in our proprietary formula is two (2) capsules. Per serving, there is 100 mg of Raspberry Ketone. Each serving also contains 50 mg of caffeine, about the same as a cup of coffee. Directions: As a dietary supplement, take two (2) capsules per 24 hour period. Please consult your doctor prior to beginning any new supplement. 60 capsule bottle.
Code: Raspberry-Ketone-Pills
Price: $24.99

Raspberry Ketone Weight Loss Pills

Our popular products are back in stock and being sold together for one
low price! Menocet is the premier formula for women made up of herbs
that have been proven to help with symptoms of menopause. Many men
report feeling calmer and more "female" when taking this product. It has herbs such as black cohosh that have helped men with breast
development. You also get package of Purvana, which assists in growing
longer, more luxurious hair, strengthening nails and softening skin; all feminizing developments that will make you feel more womanly!
Code: Menocet-Purvana-Sale-Pack
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Menocet And Purvana Sale Pack